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    Concert: Αιγαίο, China Meets Greece

    2017 Meet Greece Music Journey

  • Meet Music

    World Music Exchange with Chinese Music


    The First Ever Greek-Chinese Collaborated Album

    We are so honored to bring this meaningful meeting in the name of Meet Culture, to make China and Greece so closer to each other because of music. We believe this is only the beginning, and more glorious things will happen between these two ancient civilizations.


    Experimental Music with Hangpan, Flute and Vocal

    A wonderful production by three great Chinese musicians living in Beijing and Shanghai. Sravasti is no longer there, but all of us in the cities need to find our own Sravasti. This may be one of the best world music albums by Chinese musicians.

  • Meet Travel

    The Tailor-made Traveling Service for Travelers to Greece

    Tailor-made Traveling

    Provided by the only Chinese travel blogger in Greece

    Tailor made for the free travelers who like to have deep traveling experience in Greece. Besides the detailed route planning, we also provided the unique and interactive cultural experiences, little secretary, etc., as well as assisting on the flight and hotel booking.

    Theme Traveling

    Unique traveling under your preferred theme

    Greek cuisine, music, history, honeymoon, philosophy, archeology... Choose your preferred theme, and have your own traveling in Greece.

  • Meet Greece

    A Window of Greece in China

    Greek Library

    The Lykeion in Chengdu

    This maybe the first Library with the theme of Greece in China. The goal of Greek Library is to make us back to the most pure study as the ancient Greeks. This project is supported by the Consul General of Greece in Shanghai.

    Greek Wine

    Promote Greek wine in China

    We partnered with Boutari from Greece to promote the high quality Greek wine in China. So far Greek wine is rarely known to Chinese people, while the Chinese people are consuming more and more wine. We wish to make Greek wine popular in China.

    Greek Real Estate Investment

    High quality and trustable

    We are working together with the trustworthy Greek developers to introduce the properties of high quality to Chinese buyers. Meet Culture enjoy high reputation in the area of culture exchange between China and Greece, which helps to attract Chinese clients.

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