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    2019 Greek Art Winter School

    Concert of Lyre 'n' Rhapsody in Athens

  • Music projects including concerts, festivals, music journey, recording and publishing, music education, etc. We have been collaborating with the distinguished Chinese and Greek musicians, and seeking for more music collaborations between the two civilizations.


    As the only Chinese travel blogger in Greece, we have been promoting Greece to Chinese people since 2014, and collaborating with GNTO, Marketing Greece, Greek Embassy and Consulate, Municipalities, etc.

    The educational institution about Chinese traditional culture in Greece. Courses, lectures, events, etc. about Chinese culture are organized.


    The first educational institution in China focusing on the Ancient Greek Musical and Theatrical Education for the children. Regular classes about ancient Greek music and theatre are organized in China, and summer/winter schools for Chinese students to study in Greece are being launched.

  • Adventure with Greek Gods

    A book about Greek culture, art ,museums, sites and festivals

    This book is scored at 9.4 out of 10 in the Douban.com.

    Special Thanks to:


    Embassy of Greece in Beijing

    Consulate General of Greece in Shanghai

    Greece National Tourism Organization

    National Archaeological Museum in Athens

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