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New Book Adventure with Greek Gods Published in China

A sharing event was organized successfully in Beijing

· 乐行希腊 Travel Blog

Miao Bin and Eley Yuan's new book Adventure with Greek Gods has been published in China, and this book introduces the cultural tourism of Greece including the museums, sites, festivals, etc. They are the only Chinese travel bloggers who lived in Greece and members of Travel Bloggers Greece. They are also partners of the main Chinese social medias such as Sina Weibo,,, etc. This book received many supports from the Greece, such as National Archeology Museum, GNTO, etc., and has got high score at 9.4/10 in Chinese most popular book reviewing website

On 3rd December 2017, the new book sharing event was organized in a famous book store in Beijing One Way Space. Miao Bin gave a presentation about the book and his experience in Greece with his wife Eley Yuan. The musicians Chang Jing and Zhang Di who joined the 2015 Music Journey in Greece, 2016 Aegean Music Tour in China and 2017 Meet Greece Music Journey which were all organized by Meet Culture, a culture company founded by Miao Bin and Eley Yuan, attended the sharing event as guests, and shared they stories with Greek artists, as well as their music from the historical album Aegean.

Mr Lampros Kazis from Greek Embassy shared his nice words about the book and thanked for Miao Bin's efforts promoting Greek culture. He also answered the questions from the audience who studied in Aristotle University. Sofia and Marianna who are twins and currently studying at UIBE in Beijing also shared their opinions on Miao Bin's work.

This book Adventure with Greek Gods is a necessary supplement to the Chinese books about Greece, which leads people to travel in Greece through art. As Miao Bin emphasized, Greece is a land full of not only beautiful landscapes, but also rich culture and history. Art and travel should be hand in hand.

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